The statement

The State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation

15a, The big Dmitrovka street, GSP-3 of 125993 Moscow

Applicant Melnichenko Roman Gr.,

Living to the address: fl. 29, h. 9, Port Said street, Volgograd.

The statement about a crime

Фото на память российского моряка Сергея Коценко с осужденными на казнь пленными «сомалийскими пиратами»

As I’ve known, on May, 11th, 2010 the captain "Marshal Shaposhnikov" has landed citizens of the state Somalia on an out-of-pocket inflatable boat of navigation for 600 kilometres from coast.

I consider that the captain "Marshal Shaposhnikov" has arrived how pirates of the last centuries with the grasped command and passengers arrived – forced «to pass on a board» (one of ways of execution when the person with the fastened hands and eyes pushed out on a board lowered from a board). It is possible to tell that pirates "released" captured wherever one wishes. As also the captain of the Russian warship has arrived with captured – has released them in the high sea without chances to survive. Actually the captain has appropriated two functions – the judge and the executioner.

I consider that in actions of the captain and its subordinates structures of the crimes containing in the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation contain.

According to p. 3 art. 11. of the criminal code of Russian Federation: «Under the present Code the criminal liability is born also by the person who has committed a crime by the military ship or a military aircraft of the Russian Federation irrespective of a place of their finding». That is acts of the commander of the ship "Marshal Shaposhnikov" fall under action of the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation.

Leaving people at Open Ocean at the minimum chances to reach coast, i.e. to survive, is murder. In a case if the captain has given the order to make these actions for the purpose of deprivation of a life of citizens of Somalia, its actions contain structure of the crime provided p. 2 art. 105 of the Criminal Code of The Russian Federation, deliberate causing of death to two or more persons, made with special cruelty.

In a case if the intention of the captain directly has not been directed on deprivation of a life of two or more persons its actions contain structure of the crime provided p. 2 and 3 art. 109 of the Criminal Code of The Russian Federation - death causing on imprudence owing to inadequate execution by the person of the professional duties and death causing on imprudence to two or more persons. Being the professional seaman, the captain, leaving people in the high sea, has been obliged to expect lethal consequences of the act.

Besides, actions of the captain contain structure of the crime containing in art. 270 of the criminal code of Russian Federation – not-giving help by the captain of a vessel of the suffering disaster, and as item 125 of the criminal code of The Russian Federation - leaving in danger, i.e. notorious leaving without the aid of the person who are in life-threatening or health a condition.

On the basis of stated and according to art. 141 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

My petition is:

- To inspect and excite criminal case concerning the captain "Marshal Shaposhnikov" upon causing of death and leaving in danger of citizens of Somalia on May, 11th, 2010.

About the criminal liability for obviously false denunciation according to article 306 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation it is warned.

I ask to check up the message on a perfect crime and to make on it the decision in time not later than 3 days from the date of receipt of the present message.

In case of decision-making on refusal in criminal case excitation I ask to inform me on it in written form to the address: 400131, Volgograd. Street of Port Said, h.9, fl. 29 Melnichenko Roman Gr.

The text of the present message is placed on a site


Roman Gr. Melnichenko

Translater: Olga A. Maslova

Коллаж Мельниченко Р.Г.