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About author

Roman Grigorievitch Melnitchenko was born on the 7th of January, 1973 in Volgograd. He successfully finished Volgograd Music School № 3 (piano class) in 1988. In 1990 Roman Melnitchenko finished general secondary school for in-depth study of German language №106.

In 1991 he entered Volgograd State University with Law Science as his major, and finished the University in 1996.

At the same time (in 1996) Roman Melnitchenko became a member of Volgograd Oblast' Lawyer Collegium. He started his career at the Volgograd Central Legal Advice Office under the direction of Anatoliy Shmakov, the head of Volgograd Oblast' Lawyer Collegium Presidium and George Sakhno, the head of Central Legal Advice Office.

One year after, in 1997, Roman Melnitchenko was invited to post-graduate study and teaching by professor F.M. Rudinskiy, and was given a post of an instructor at Volgograd Academy of Public Administration. Roman Melnitchenko also entered an internal post-graduate course at Volgograd Academy of Public Administration in 1997. He graduated in 2000. R.G. Melnitchenko carried out his Ph.D. thesis research under the direction of professor G.P. Eremenko, Doctor of Laws, an acknowledged expert in the sphere of constitutional law.

In 1998 in the course of legal practice in German system of justice, R. Melnitchenko completed Mittelstufe II German language courses at Volkshochule (public school) in Cologne (Germany).

In 2001 he defended a Ph.D. thesis on "Constitutional Right to Legal Assistance"

Advocacy matters are among his scientific interests. He gives lectures in Advocacy and International Law.

In 2002 Roman Melnitchenko opened his own Advocatory Office "R.G. Melnitchenko".

By the All-Russian Certifying Comission decision from 21.12.2005 R. Melnitchenko was conferred the academic status of associate professor.