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R.G. Melnitchenko is a co-author of publications that are placed on this site. The author will be extremely grateful, if you refer to his works while using texts of his publications.

Publications, translated into foreign languages, are marked with references [Ru], [De], [Fr].




Lectures, monographs, books

  1. Мельниченко Р. Г., Степанов П. И. Основы успешной адвокатской деятельности: учебное пособие. - Элиста, 2006.
  2. Мельниченко Р. Г. Практикум по Поверенному праву. - Элиста, 2006.
  3. Мельниченко Р. Г. Поверенное право. Курс лекций. - Элиста, 2005.
  4. Мохов А. А. Мельниченко Р. Г. и др. Гражданское право России: Курс лекций: В 3 ч. Ч. 2/Под ред. А. А. Мохова. - Волгоград, 2005.
  5. Мохов А. А. Мельниченко Р. Г. и др. Гражданское право России: Курс лекций: В 3 ч. Ч. 1/Под ред. А. А. Мохова. - Волгоград, 2004.
  6. Рудинский Ф. М., Мельниченко Р. Г. и др. Гражданские права человека: современные проблемы теории и практики: Монография / Под ред. д-ра юрид. наук, проф. Ф. М. Рудинского. - Волгоград: ВА МВД России, 2004.
  7. Мельниченко Р. Г. Право на юридическую помощь: конституционные аспекты: монография. - Волгоград: Изд-во ВАГС, 2003.
  8. Анисимов А. П. , Мельниченко Р. Г. и др. Экологическое право. Курс лекций: Учебное пособие /Под ред. А. П. Анисимова. - М., 2003.
  9. Мельниченко Р. Г. Поверенное право зарубежных стран // Лекция. - Волгоград, издательство ВФ МУПК. 2003.

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Magazine articles

  1. Melnichenko R.G. Step forward, jump back [Ru]
  2. Melnichenko R.G. The lawyer to the lawyer the friend, a companion and...? // the Lawyer. № 4. 2008.[Ru]
  3. Melnichenko R.G. Necessary attorney monopoly on the market of the legal services?// Law. April 2008.[Ru]
  4. Melnichenko R.G. Form of government of lawyer corporation in Russia [Ru]
  5. Melnichenko R.G. Forming of the verified right as the independent legal institutea [Ru]
  7. Melnichenko R.G. Samyj a heavy sin of the lawyer //the Lawyer. № 3. 2007. With. 18-20. [Ru]
  8. Melnichenko R.G. Socrats right to lawyer // Lawyer practice. № 5. 2006. [Ru]
  9. Melnichenko R.G. USAGE OF THE INTERNET IN LAWYER'S WORK // "Law and Economics", 7, July, 2006. [De],[Ru]
  10. Melnichenko R.G. A choice of the form of lawyer formation(education): economic - legal bases // the Right and economy. N 3. 2006. [Ru]
  11. Melnichenko R.G., Bojchenko V.N. Legal bases of dwelling-house's improper using by lawyer // Lawyer, № 2, 2006 [Ru]
  12. Melnichenko R.G. The designation of the form of lawyers` formation:economic and legal aspects // "Law and Economics",№ 10,October 2005. [Ru]
  13. Melnichenko R.G. About the immunity of an oral speech of an advocate // Advocate №9.2005 [Ru]
  14. Melnichenko R.G. Legal and marketing bases of an establishment of the size of the lawyer fee // the Lawyer. № 7. 2005. [Ru]
  15. Melnichenko R.G. Galishnikova Y. U. The lawyer or female lawyer // the Lawyer. № 4.2005. [Ru]
  16. Melnichenko R.G. Non-traditional sources of soliciting law. 2005. [Ru]
  17. Melnichenko R. G.,Kozlov A.M. Do the attorneys need an advertisement? [Ru]
  18. Melnichenko R.G. Principles of formation of lawyer corporation in Russia // the Lawyer, Moscow, 2004. [Ru]
  19. Melnichenko R. G., Grib R. B. The taxation of an individual lawyer's activity // the Lawyer. № 6. 2004. [Ru]
  20. Melnichenko R. G.Legal position of foreign attorneys in the legal systems of different states [De]

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Collected articles

  1. Melnichenko R. G. Information security of advocacy [Ru]
  2. Melnichenko R.G. The international aspects of the conflict in the Chechen Republic
  3. [Ru]
  4. Melnichenko R.G. Bribe or questionable remuneration // Society against corruption:collected articles / editorship by A. E. Chernomorec, Volgograd, 2003.
  5. [Ru]
  6. Melnichenko R.G. Some features of consideration in complaints of the Russian citizens on the European court of human rights.
  7. [Ru]

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